Update: The Treatment (The Program, #2)

So this is the cover for “The Treatment”, the second book of The Program series by Suzanne young. Just so you know, this is one of my most favorite novels (so far).


Isn’t it amazing? Yes it really really is.

The cover is physically fine but the message it conveys is very intriguing. In fact, it draws more curiosity to me, and I wager I have the same feeling with all those fans of “The Program” series. But whatever the cover is, or with or without a cover (which is entirely impossible), I will surely read “The Treatment”, no matter what happens. So, April 2014 please move faster cause you’re killing me. I’m waiting patiently. Love, Number one fan.

Note: This is what the author said (and can say at the moment to prevent spoilers) about The Treatment.

“The plot of ‘The Treatment’ picks up right where book one left off—lots of action, lots of tears, and more than a little kissing.” “I honestly didn’t know how my publisher would follow up ‘The Program’ cover, which I loved obsessively from the minute it popped up in my email. I think they nailed the cover for ‘The Treatment’ because it perfectly complements the series while conveying the isolation and starkness in the story.”

So, what do you think of “The Treatment?


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