Musing: My Life as a Student Assistant

Yesterday, I was asked by a friend of mine to write something about my life as a working student and how do I feel about it. This is what I composed.

“It is something to be very grateful of.”

Never in my whole life I dream of myself being a student assistant or technically know as a working student, even in my wildest dreams. Not that I despise it but for me, it is more like being very busy all the time and thus can’t manage to shuffle studies and work, plus personal and family errands (which I have, and I wager all student assistants out there also have).

But when the time came that I realized that I can’t, and neither my family can send myself to college without being a scholar. So I gave it a try. I submitted all the needed documentary requirements hoping that somehow I can beat the odds. And fortunately I did. After I passed all the stages of scholar’s admission, from the requirements, examination, and up to the panel interview, I was luckily selected and that’s how my life as a student assistant began.

When my first day of work as a student assistant began, I already accepted the fact that there are certain responsibilities I am obliged to do, unlike before. But I have taken it as a gift from the Almighty God as well as His challenge to me to change myself, my lifestyle in particular from good to better.

At first, it was really hard, especially when the “real college classes” began and as expected, juggling work and school and home was a horrible mess. But eventually, I was able to master it. Thanks to those people who made it a bit easier for me.

Despite all the disadvantages, including constant social interaction with my friends, relatives and other people, I found this scholarship for me a helpful instrument to finish my studies, prepare for whatever the real world has to offer, good or bad. To be serious, this scholarship I got is something to be very grateful of.


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