The Author

Hi! I’m Edward.

I’m not actually a fan of reading books, not until Summer of 2011 because I wasn’t that excited about my parents sending me to college.

I’m now in my third year in college and reading books has been quite an impressive friend of mine, aside from those tangible ones. I like to be alone sometimes, in a quiet place like a sanctuary, and reading a good book there is the best option to do while hanging out and spending time with myself.

I read any book regardless of any genre. But if I have to decide, I prefer reading futuristic books (Is this what they call ‘dystopian’? well, I guess so) as well as mystery and a little bit drama to add some spice to my emotionless daily life.

I read using my phone, and sometimes I buy books.
I usually read during non-school days, including but not limited to legal and institutional holidays.

Even though I can read as much as 1 book per day (this is the fastest of them all, for me), I still can manage my pre-law subjects and other extra-terrestrial, I mean extra-curricular activities.

So, to finish this one, I am happy to do blogging again. I hope that this one will be successful.


Catch me here:




PS. My weakness is English. In particular, grammatical errors. Shame on me. But I am dealing with it every single day by reading and writing. I hope it works.

PS, I do not own any of the images. I just got it from the internet and only intended to support the reviews I have written. Credits are entitled to the respective owners.


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