How to Install Windows 7 for Beginners

Here is the link:

How to Install Windows 7 for Beginners: 16 Steps (with Pictures) – Mozilla Firefox.


Yesterday evening, I got my laptop given to me by my aunt from Japan. I really love it but it seems I have a major problem with it. The language.

Everything there is in Japanese and I want to change to language in English but according to my research, only Windows Vista Ultimate have language packs so I decided to format the computer and install Windows 7 instead.

And this, the link, that is, is the step by step process to install Windows 7 [with pictures] using a CD. I think it would also help others having the same issue as mine.


Tip: Inserting Banners

A “Banner” is either a graphic image that announces the name or identity of a site (and often is spread across the width of the Web page) or is an advertising image. Advertisers sometimes count banner “views,” or the number of times a banner graphic image was downloaded over a period of time [ ].

In case of books, it is a symbol representing the book itself, or the series of books (if it is a series).

Now, I will tell you about what I discovered about badges and how to install it.

Here are the steps…

1. Go to

2. Choose the series that you want to insert the banner on your site. Then copy the html code located beside the banner itself.

3. Create in your “widgets” menu (right portion of the dahboard> appearance> widget) a “text widget” and paste the html code.

4. Click Save.

Check out my site [ ] to view my embedded banners.